Website Design Pricing: A Brief Overview

There are three main ways to build a website for businesses and individuals looking to get ahead or level up with their competitors. One uses a website builder, another uses a Content Management System (CMS) like the WordPress platform, and the third is hiring a professional website designer to meet your requirements.

Overall, the route you pick will play a massive role in the website design pricing. This article will examine these options and their potential costs.

Using a Builder

A website builder is an excellent way to start and is often the cheapest way to build a website. It’s best suited to technical novices and portfolios. Accordingly, the full range of website builder prices ranges from free offers to around $500 per month. But most new websites will fall within the $6 to $50 per month bracket.

Using a free plan is enticing, but the truth is that if you’re building a website that anyone else is going to see, you need a paid plan in place of a free program. Why? Free plans come with various limitations, the most common being, but not limited to, adverts displayed on your website, a free non-custom domain, limited features, and lack of functional eCommerce capabilities.

Wix and Square space are some excellent examples of free website builders.

Using a CMS Like WordPress

With WordPress, prepare for a lot more control over your website and your budget. In most cases, you should also be ready to pay a $35 – $780 upfront cost, followed by an $11 – $50 per month charge.
In between these figures, the website design pricing using WordPress will vary. CMS builders are ideal for tech-savvy enthusiasts who want complete customization, blogs, businesses, and extensive websites.

WordPress can also be free. You get free themes and plugins, and you’d imagine that should keep the costs low. But users might want a premium theme, and a host is necessary. What’s more, adding a WordPress developer quickly changes the original prices. That’s why it’s so difficult to predict the cost of a website via WordPress development. A developer that knows their onions will likely charge thousands of dollars.

Hosting is the main factor affecting the total price of building a WordPress website. While you can get away with free themes and plugins, hosting is essential for getting your WordPress website online.
The cost of hosting will depend on the provider. For instance, if you choose Bluehost, which WordPress also recommends, expect to start from $2.95 per month. Other costs will pop up as you add features and functionalities.

Using Professional Website Designers

When you hire a website designer to plan and create your site, it puts your project firmly in the hands of a professional. Even though you’ve hired an expert, you still have to put in some light work to create a site you love.

However, the pro handles much of the work and the finer details. Using a web designer is best for those who need a complex website, want an optimized and user-friendly website that ranks well, have less time and technical ability to get it done, and have reasonable budgets for custom sites.

Of the three means to design a website, this is the most challenging cost to estimate since thousands of web designers have different rates depending on the project and their own experience. Overall, prepare to spend between $2,000 and $30,000 to get a professional to create your website for you.

Wrapping Up

Having your website where people can get information about what you do is great for the visibility and growth of your business. However, website design pricing will affect the type of website you get. With your budget, you’ll have to choose which of these three options works best for you.

Regardless, having a professional website designer in Orlando create your website can be the difference between reaching millions on the internet and a failed investment on an underperforming website that nobody sees. Despite the initial cost, in the long run, sites designed, managed, and updated by seasoned web design experts almost consistently outperform and outrank DIY websites.