5 SEO Mistakes a Professional Orlando SEO Service Will Help Small Businesses Avoid

The mere thought of SEO marketing can be an intimidating prospect for many small and medium-sized businesses. Such businesses have to set the tone by dominating their local areas, such that the scope of their marketing exploits is narrowed to focus more on attracting local customers.

However, this is easier said than done because the wrong steps can see mistakes creep in. Thankfully, a professional Orlando SEO service can help you avoid many mistakes, including those discussed below:

A Poorly Optimized Website

Your SEO journey must start with a well-optimized website. If you lack one, an SEO service that knows more than a thing or two about optimization is essential. Don’t expect to rank in relevant local searches without a properly optimized website.

An Orlando service for SEO will help you optimize your site with targeted geo-specific keywords, including on-page content, blogs, and images. They will also help you handle the technical aspects absent from your pages, such as page titles and product descriptions.

Terrible Mobile Optimization

A projection by experts suggests that by 2025, nearly 75% of internet users will access the net solely through mobile devices. The fact is that more local online searches are being done on smartphones and mobile devices than on laptops and other types of computers.

For this reason, your website must go all out to properly optimize your display and functions for mobile devices.

Since Google gives preference to mobile-optimized websites, a professional SEO service can help you make changes to rank well. A mobile-friendly website is a necessity.

Poor Content Quality

Another mistake an Orlando SEO company can help you avoid is poorly produced content on your website, such as texts and blogs crucial for your rankings. Google has assessments for the quality and value of content included in web pages and blogs and generates its rankings from them.

A professional will help you produce quality, keyword-focused content that adds value to your audience. Also, they’ll help you avoid stuffing your content with irrelevant keywords or using them for the sake of it.

Lacking a Google Business Profile

Formerly called Google My Business, it’s a platform small startups can’t do without because listing is an essential aspect of local SEO. You’ll rank better in organic search results and on Google maps when you have a well-optimized Google Business Profile listing from a pro.

A professional Orlando service will ensure it carries all your vital details and business information to rank well in local search results or Google Maps.

Ignoring Customer Reviews/Complaints

Do you know that about 83% of people think a business with a user-generated review on its landing page is trustworthy? Generating customer reviews should be a priority, but few get it right—many people who make a purchase read customer reviews before making a buying decision or trusting your business.

Ignoring reviews and complaints is a death trap for your small business. Address complaints and resolve your customer’s concerns with professionals by your side. An Orlando SEO service can help you figure out how to respond to negative reviews and boost the positive ones.

Wrapping Up

These mistakes might seem insignificant, but they can mar your chances of drawing more committed customers to your small business. The good news? An Orlando SEO company can help you avoid them using proven skills discussed in the article.